Aaliyah Love Bio

Far from the typical pornstar, Aaliyah Love is unique and in a class of her own. She is a skinny, giggly blonde, with small breasts, a beaming smile, and an amazing ass. She was a dorky kid who always got picked on and had never touched a dildo before entering into porn. Now she does things with sex toys that some might not even think are possible!

Born March 3, 1985 in a small cornfield-type Illinois town outside of Chicago, Aaliyah never let on that she had a hidden sexual side. She moved to Baltimore and started attending college there while working as a preschool teacher. She enjoyed going to parties, but was never the wild one in attendence. She preferred baggy clothes and was easily embarrassed. It was a huge surprise to those who knew her, and to herself, when she entered into the world of adult entertainment.

Being a preschool teacher was not very financially rewarding and the pretty blonde found herself broke and scraping to get by. Desperate to make  ends meet, she responded to an ad for webcam modeling. Aaliyah soon traded in her oversized outfits for skimpy lingerie, and traded her modest attitude towards sexuality in for unabashed exhibitionism. Her cheerful demeanor and love of fun made her a real stand out among the other models and fans couldn’t get enough. Big names started to take notice and job offers came pouring in. Aaliyah loved life on top and discovered that she really enjoyed shedding her inhibitions and discovering all of her sexual preferences and hidden desires. In fact Aaliyah quickly became known for her anal play with sex toys.

The petite 5’2″ sex kitten now has performer credits in nearly 200 porn films as well as countless internet scenes, print publications, and webcam shows. She started off slow as a solo girl, but progressed to girl-on-girl, and now does hardcore boy-girl work. Her bubbly energy spills over into every single shoot that she does and her smile is contagious.

She definitely has the hot girlfriend vibe going for her and she will have you smitten as well as fueled by lust.

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